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Earn 50% per annum by investing in stocks, bonds, indices, and more.

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Arrow Atlantic

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When it comes to Arrow Atlantic, our goal is to help you grow your wealth and generate long-term income. And our results have been excellent - we achieved annual returns of 79.5% in 2019, 39.33% in 2020, and 35.2% in 2021.

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We invest in assets that we believe are likely to bring high returns and are likely to outperform the market over time. The strategy includes many alpha-generating investments such as stock indices, metals, and currencies.

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Arrow Atlantic

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We use cutting-edge trading technology to monitor and trade the financial markets. We also manage your investment with the utmost care, drawing on advanced management strategies and our extensive market experience

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Investing In Arrow Atlantic

The Arrow Atlantic strategy was developed by our CIO in 2007. It is managed through a combination of AI, automated trading, fundamentals, technical analysis, and active management. It focuses on intraday activity and 90% of the trades are not held overnight. The strategy is managed 24/5 by our team.

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Your investment portfolio is fully managed by a licensed EU firm.

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Your investment account is in your name. Only you can access your funds.

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You can get set up straightaway. There is no onboarding fee.

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You can easily withdraw your money from the account. There is no exit fee.

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You can easily log in to see your investments and how they're performing.

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You get regular performance reports, audited and verified by McMillan Woods.

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