7 Trading Psychology Rules

7 Trading Psychology Rules

All traders have both wins and losses regardless of their strategy and system. Much like in sports traders don’t succeed on every trade just like baseball players don’t hit every pitch and basketball players don’t sink every basket. Trading is a game of win rate and positive expectancy through bigger wins than losses on average. […]

The History of Money

How did we get here? “…In the Google era, Newton’s system of the world – one universe, one money, one God – is now in eclipse. His unitary foundation of irreversible physics and his irrefragable golden money have given way to infinite parallel universes and multiple paper moneys manipulated by fiat. Money, like the cosmos, […]

A New Financial World Order

The Start Of A New Financial World Order

Current world events have accelerated the transition to a new world order. It is now evident that the changing of the world has begun. There was hope that it would happen peacefully, and as we now know, it didn’t. Current events are laying a strong discord in the unity of the world economy for the […]

4 Common Types Of Investments

4 Common Types Of Investors

There are many different types of investments, and each offers a different level of risk and reward. As an investor, it is important that you take the time to understand the options available to you and which types of investments might be suitable. This will help you make a more informed decision as to which […]

What To Consider When Investing

What To Consider When Investing

Investing can offer amazing opportunities for financial growth, but it’s not without risk. Before you commit to an investment strategy, you need to have clear financial goals. That means knowing what you want to invest in, how long you want to invest for, and what level of risk you are prepared to take in order […]

What To Consider Before Investing

What To Consider Before Investing

Investing can you help you build your wealth and create a better life for yourself. Find out what you need to consider before investing for the first time.

Why Is Investing Important?

Why is investing important?

In order to build your wealth and a better future for yourself and your loved ones, you will want to invest your money.